…propose to form a corporation…
1. The name of such corporation is Athletic Park Club.
2. The object for which it is formed is to encourage base ball and athletic games in Mattoon, IL.
3. The capital stock shall be $1,000.
4. The amount of each share is $10.
5. The number of shares is 100.
6. The location of the principal office is in Mattoon, county of Coles, state of Illinois.
7. Duration of the corporation shall be 95 years.
    Signed by F. M. Menke, B. H. Tivnen, and S. M.
    Ownings Stock is fully subscribed to the following: (1 share each unless other wise noted)

Bryan H. Tivnen
H. L. Silvers
George C. Stites
G. L. Matthews
Kurtz, John B.
C. W. Harris
John R. Hamilton
G. E. Colson
George Kizer
O. M. Branan
F. A. Heermans
Frank Dolan
Sillew, Charles W.
M. L. O’Connor
Spencer, A. G.
G. G. McCammant
Fred Harris
F. D. Barr
J. W. Harris
J. P. Babb
F. C. Hills
R. T. Holmes (10 shares)
J. K. Frost
J. W. Wallace
Adam Krick
G. E. Beall
F. M. Menke (5)
C. E. Cary
S. R. Evans
Blood, Charles
Sutherland, A. H.
J. F. Robinson
J. I. Andrews (3 shares)
S. M. Ownings (10 shares)
W. N. M. Kany
Lahy, M.
J. B. Mallon
Moore, S. S.
C. T. Montague


Horace S. Clark
James Kitchen
W. W. Simpson
Charles E. Rudy
Hokimer, I. M.
Wilbur B. Huids (6 shares)
William K. Dole
B. M. Baldwin
J. H. Wahtler
Harry F. Kindall (3 shares)
John Kirchgrabber, Jr. (2 shares)
Messer, A. H.
D. Lyons
W. F. Pontil (6 shares) (County Clerk)
E. C. Craig

The group met on April 8, 1898 at city court room and elected directors:

S. R. Evans
Francis M. Menke
S. M. Ownings
J. F. Robinson
Bryan H. Tivnen

Notarized 13 Apr 1898 by Thomas W. Gaw. Filed May 17, 1898 with county clerk.