Mattoon Ball Club
Incorporation Application, April 20, 1907
Coles County Historical Society

Back 1. The name of the such corporation is the Mattoon Ball Club.
2. The object of which it is formed is to give exhibitions of Base Ball playing and other
     athletic sports and games.
3. The capital stock shall be $1500
4. The amount of each share is $10.
5. The number of shares is 150.
6. The location of the principal office is in Mattoon in the county of Coles, State of Illinois.
7. The duration of the corporation shall be 10 years.

Signed by  F. A. Heermans,  D. S. Campbell, J. W. Harris
Stock is fully subscribed to the following: (1 share each unless other wise noted)

Tillotson, D. H.

Cokendolpher, G. H.

Harmany, H. C.

Tucker, E. B.

Richmond, George S.

Hogue, Charles

Deubuer, C. A.

Clark, Robert

Loossus, A. C.

Ratcliff, Glenn

Starkweather, E. R.

Aldrich, Chester A.

Montague, C. T.

Kinzel, Fred A.

Owings, R. A.  & Morton, C. W.

Rice, George

Kane, James

Bean, Grant

Parrish, B. D.

Berthold, Ed

A. Potter  (7 shares)

Campbell, D. S. (4 shares)

Heermans, F. A. (2 shares)

McFall, J. A.

Peers, George W.

James, D. L.

King, A. D.

Freeman, T. O.

Whismand, W. L.

Jones, Fred (2 shares)

Lumpkin, W. C.

Patterson, W. E.

Gaddis, G. W.

Burtschi, Daniel

Vause, Jr., James

Holmes, Frank

Moore, E. M.

Bridgmon, J. J. & McCamant, Guy

Stiles, George

Robertson, E. W.

Hoag, J. J.

Rothe, Theodore

Coons, Raymond

Nachtler, J. H.

Fitzgerald, P. B.

James, D. D.

Peasse, J. E.

Thompson, C. N.

Cobb, George O.

Knight, C. W.

Winter, Fred

Andrews, J. A. (2 shares)

Clark, S. M.

Army, Abel & Elliot, John

Cole, Bert B.

Elsea, J. W.

Sumerlin, A.

O’Conner, M. C.

Katz, Sidney

Kingman, C. D.

Sheckly, W. M.

Colson, G. E.

Voight, J. f. & Bennett, J. L.

Summers, Ed & Summers, A. T.

Menke, F. M.

Dolan, Frank

Welch, Charles T.

McLemon, G. B.

McSusker, Phillip & Albert, John

Johnson, A. E.

McWilliams, R. H. (2 shares)

Bails, A. L. (2 shares)

Holmes, R. T.

Montague, J. A.

Guthrie, E. T.

Bennett, Cleaver

Harris, J. W. (3 shares)

Baber, N. S. (2 shares)

Kizer, George & Kizer, John

Friziby, R. M.

Klohr, Charles

Tippy, J.

Parlow, Charles A.

Roberts, J. H.

McVay, F. F.

Bland, Robert

Milton, Robert

Goss, A. J.

Clark, H. W.

Shaw, Henry

Hoots, D. F. (2 shares)

Hartley, Charles C.

Hamilton, John R.

Nugent, G. J.

Lambert, George W. (2 shares)

Spitz, Frank

Gouchner, H.

Harris, Fred

Pyle, Will

Turvin, B. H.

Stone, J. B.

Meyer, B.

Gowdy, E. C.

Zeller, J. H. & Zeller, Russell

McNutt, J. S.

Herron, Will & Herron, Walter

Andrews, Emery

Phillips, S. W. & Johnson, W. R.

Belnap, C. M.

Rudy, George H.

Buntin, C. R.

Craig, E. D. & Craig, Jr., J. W.

Lytle, H. S.

Lohey, Mike

Higgins, John J. & Getman, L. E.

Haskell, C. W., Orndorff, L. C., & Ashmont, C. H.

Mc Williams, R. H. & Hadley, A. R.

McCullock, R. W. & Keith, Ed

Wohnny, Phillip

Linder, Elisha

Votaw, F. M.

Bourne, A. L.

Wallace, J. W.

Bareuther, E. W.

Bell, John F.

Bledsoe, J. W.

Actually paid $1410

Not paid $90

Those not paid will be issued on payment of subscription.

May 3, 1907