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Please Volunteer to Help!!

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We need your help because we are a society made up of VOLUNTEERS.

Can you help us for ------ an hour------a few hours-------a day------a few days sometimes or regularly?

All of the programs, exhibits, paint jobs, lawn mowing, cleanups, filing, phone answering is done by volunteers.      Sooo!!!!   We need you.

This is a good opportunity to get out and see old friends and make new ones.

If you live in or close to Charleston we need help on the Dudley House and Greenwood School. Both always need work. Grab a friend and call the Society if you want to plant flowers, mow the yard, clean windows, paint something etc. If you just want to sit and knit you can while you answer the telephone or welcome guests.

The research center always needs someone to answer the telephone, file some papers, dust a shelf or catalog a newly acquired artifact.

We will also be having special cleanup days at all of the buildings soon. Check the Calendar of Events and join us.

To volunteer please call the Historical Society Research Center at  217-235-6744 or email the Society at

                                            See you soon  !!!!