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Historic Buildings

The Country School
by Gary Henry
A Slide-Script Program of Greenwood School*

The Script and Photo Summary that goes with the Slide Pictures can be printed in Word or Acrobat Reader.

A Bibliography and Photographic Sources are also available.

Documents in Microsoft Word Format


Photo Summary.doc

Photographic Sources. doc

Documents in Acrobat Reader Format


Photo Summary.pdf

Photographic Sources. pdf

Slide Show Pictures

To start the slide show click on above "Slide Show Pictures" then click on the first thumbnail picture. Click on the "next" button to continue through the pictures in script order.

A click on the picture will show the picture enlarged.

A right click on the picture gives you the option to copy or save the picture so that you could create your own presentation on your computer or on a CD.

*A Special Thanks to Steven Malehorn for adapting the Slide Program to a Web Page format..