Text Box: Sunday Ice Cream Social
On August 7th the society hosted an ice cream social at the Dudley House.  Over 50 people came out on a hot Sunday afternoon to enjoy some ice cream & some great rag time music provided by John Faust on our newly tuned piano.  we need to thank those that donated $$$ toward maintenance of the Dudley House.  Jitters and Bliss of Charleston provided the ice cream which was paid for by these donors: Everhart & Everhart; Linda Nugent Associates; Pyramid Landscaping; Bob Oetting; and Steve Kelly and Associates. Thanks
Piano Restored
The response to the society’s request for help tuning the piano has been overwhelming.  The day the previous newsletter came out, CCHS got a phone call offering assistance in paying for the piano tuning.  Then, several days later another donation was received to make additional repairs.  














John Faust playing throughout the 2005 Ice Cream Social. 


Text Box:     Page  #
Text Box:    The Coles County Courier
Text Box:     Volume 26, Issue 3   
Text Box: Dudley House Report
Text Box: Dudley House now has a wonderful piano that sounds beautiful.  The day the piano tuner finished his work; our tenant who is from Russia, and plays “classical music,” gave us an impromptu concert.  Needless to say I was very impressed.  I was so impressed that I visited the chair of the music department at EIU and offered the Dudley House and the use of the piano for student or parlor recitals (presently EIU music student practice & play in McAfee Gym).  He was very grateful of the offer & we should expect to enjoy some excellent concerts this coming academic year.  

Dudley House to Get “New Look”
The CCHS has contracted to have the old Victorian house on 6th St. painted white.  

Rob Doyle, CCHS president welcomed all to the annual historical event. Three local Coles County personalities received the annual “Historical Awards.”  
The first award was given to B.F. and Dorothy McClerren, both, locally and nationally known Lincoln presenters.  In full Lincoln costume, the two were happy to receive the CCHS plaque.  The McClerrens represent Charleston and Coles County in events locally and all over the nation. 
Text Box: Dorothy and Mac have won national recognition in Lincoln look-alikes, and especially oratorical skills.  They recently were also the first Abe/Mary presenters to perform at the new Presidential Museum in Springfield
Second Founder’s Day Award went to the Times-Courier and Journal Gazette “100 Years Ago on This Day,” column writer Mattoon’s Alice Larabee.  Alice’s daily column in the Times-Courier/Journal Gazette 

Text Box: is the result of much research in what happened, as written in old newspaper headlines.  People probably read Alice’s column as much as the news, comics, and sports.  She does a great job of covering Charleston and Mattoon history.
Speaker Debra Reid, PhD, spoke to the group concerning the history of agriculture and farming in the midwest, entitled “Longer Deeper Furrows for 20th Century Agriculture in Illinois.”  It was an enjoyable dinner celebration for all.
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