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The Gannaway House, located at 1316 Lafayette Avenue, is owned and has been refurbished by the Lumpkin Family Foundation. The Lumpkin Family Foundation has given the Gannaway house to the Coles County Historical Society, for one dollar a year, to be used as a museum.

The Queen Anne style home was built circi 1902-1903 by David C. Gannaway. David's family, his wife Louisa Campbell and their children John W., Ethel, Edna and Elsie lived many years in the home. David C. was in the Real Estate, Insurance and Loan business of Wilson and Gannaway. David died at the age of 70 in 1919. His wife Louisa lived to be 85 and died in 1940.

Ethel Gannaway was a second grade teacher at Lowell School, which was built in 1920 and was located in the 1200 block of Lafayette. It was torn down in 1976. Ethel had only a block to walk to her school. Ethel Gannaway was a slight, quiet, gentle teacher who was dearly loved by her students. Today several of her former students have fond memories of Miss Gannaway's second grade class. They also remember where she lived. Ethel Gannaway lived to be 96 and died in 1977.

Edna Gannaway worked in the business world. She was employed in the bookkeeping department of the Mattoon National Bank located at 1632 Broadway. The National Bank has become the First Mid-Illinois Bank and Trust. Her picture appears in the National Bank Publication of July 1946 entitled "Mattoon, Origin and Growth." She lived to be 73 and died in 1951. Her sister Elsie taught piano lessons at home and died at an earlier age.

The front parlor of the home with its lovely three bay windows is set up as a room depicting the 20's and 30's era. Notice the pocket doors into the entrance of the room and the fine woodwork around the windows and doors. As a museum, this room will remain the same while the other downstairs rooms will have revolving displays.